1. How my website works
  2. Start naming your test doubles correctly
  3. Work 2019
  4. Gamifying Continuous Integration
  5. The carbon footprint of your website
  6. The ghost of Henry Ford is ruining your development team
  7. Go back to basics with MVC
  8. Functional programming and Go
  9. How to go fast
  10. Work 2018
  11. The Tests Talk
  12. The Web I Want
  13. Why you should deploy on Friday afternoon
  14. Tis the season to write Clojure
  15. Developers are stakeholders
  16. Testable Systems and Continuous Deployment
  17. Fun with Bash
  18. Testing Asynchronous Code In Go
  19. Property-based testing in real life
  20. Magic
  21. Property-based testing in Go
  22. Estimates
  23. Terror Handling
  24. The lessons I learned from SpringerLink if i was making a website from scratch again
  25. Books I've read recently
  26. Improving the quality and performance of your code, guided by the tooling in Go
  27. What is a typeclass and why should you care
  28. Unused features are technical debt
  29. Scala - Just enough rope to hang yourself
  30. The Chris Validation Pattern
  31. My Christmas Song
  32. Understanding Javascript Objects
  33. The Web for non-techies
  34. Coffeescript Presentation
  35. New Blog