Coffeescript Presentation

I recently presented to the team an introduction to CoffeeScript (CS). CS is a Ruby-like language which compiles into Javascript.

You can find the presentation here (you may need to refresh the page a few times as google docs seems dodgy). Obviously not as good as the real thing but you'll get the idea.

The code examples I used during the presentation can be found here, if you have a browse through these you should have a good idea of the language features.:

If you are involved in any kind of web development, I encourage you to give CoffeeScript a go. It doesn't take a great deal to set it up and once you have Cake (build system like Make, Rake et al.) automatically compiling your code, it becomes just like normal Javascript development.

I have made a basic skeleton project to get you going, with a Cake file which will automagically compile your CS into JS as you make changes.

Simply clone that and then run

cake watch

My experience with Coffeescript has been generally very positive. For Springer's innovation week I have built a pretty cool web application entirely with Coffeescript, using Node.js for the server with a MongoDb for persistence. I will blog about that soon but suffice to say being able to do the whole project in one language felt great.