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My Christmas Song

14 December 2012

In our house we thought it would be fun for each of us to make a Christmas song.

I found it a lot of fun, it was nice to sit by myself, take my time and try and make something okish. Generally when working with actual musicians, they have been much better than me and I always felt I needed more time to figure stuff out.

Granted, the bass is really the only well done bit, as I dont play lead guitar, sing, piano or harmonica. Despite all this, it does seem to come together!

In previous attempts to make songs I have generally always struggled to make lyrics, so I just made up a stupid depressing story and ran with it.


Lyrics & chords

Just in case you want to play along at home?

Verse 1

C                 F
And santa watched her fall
C                 F
Dropped right into the Thames
Am           G
And no one, gives a toss
Am           G
And no one, gives a toss

Verse 2

And the reindeers were confused
Because she couldn't fly-y-y
Santa has a gift for you
It's a can of special brew


Dm                C
She was climbing up The Shard
F                 G
She thought she was a star upon a tree
Dm                 C
And she crashed down hard
F                  G
While we had some christmas cake and tea

Homeless and boneless
Pennyless and helpless

Verse 3

Pigeons pecking at her brains
Deck the halls with boughs of blood
Death came down your chimney
Death came down your chimney